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Your to young for sex

Most young people look for information about sexual health at some stage, with most turning to their mother 36 per cent or a female friend 41 per cent , using their school sexual health program 43 per cent or the internet 44 per cent , or talking to their doctor 29 per cent or teacher 28 per cent. Parents may want to know about the specific content and messages that are delivered.

Your to young for sex

The 9, persons with complete data made up our study sample. Kimberley had sex for the first time on her 14th birthday with her boyfriend of three months.

Your to young for sex

Your to young for sex

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    Young people need to learn that in a relationship, contraception is the responsibility of both partners. To be popular Just about everyone would agree, here and now, that popularity is not a healthy reason to have sex.

  2. Life-course theory proposes that societal expectations exist regarding the appropriate times for important transitions, and there can be consequences if life events do not meet these normative expectations 10 — Add Health was designed to examine the determinants of health and health-related behaviors of adolescents who were enrolled in the study in grades 7—12 during the — school year.

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