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Youngstown cougars

They sent the animal's carcass to a veterinary lab at Washington State University for a necropsy to determine what might have been wrong with it. Attacks have become more common as people increasingly encroach on the animals' territory. His play was as hard-nosed as they come, being selected by a panel of area sportswriters, sportscasters and college officials as the Alpha Phi Delta "Outstanding Athlete" at Youngstown for the school year.

Youngstown cougars

Until the s, the state paid hunters a bounty for killing them. An officer shot at it, and it ran off.

Youngstown cougars

Youngstown cougars

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  1. Keep your eyes on the animal and become more assertive if it doesn't back off.

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    Now, it allows to be hunted in 50 designated zones. Because running and rapid movements can trigger the animal's prey drive, don't run.

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