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Why wont my husband have sex

Life happens — aging, pregnancy, illness, weight gain — you're not going to look the way you did when you two first met. While sex is not the be-all, end-all to a marriage, it is definitely one of the best ways to maintain intimacy Tweet This! Nothing happens in a vacuum, and by staying engaged rather than retreating and pulling away, you have your best chance to really experience emotional intimacy with your partner.

Why wont my husband have sex

If you don't know how to talk to each other, enlist a counselor to help you learn how to communicate. Words with Friends, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and all these other things have crept into our bedrooms and become a distraction. It could be your own depression or physical health, or a change in character that has him wondering what's going on.

Why wont my husband have sex

Why wont my husband have sex

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Concerning sex is not the be-all, end-all to a meeting, it is definitely one of the vein ways to bring intimacy Tweet This. Then listen some more. Our desire for him is a enduring dating that lives him have confidence in his athwart life.

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  1. So when you discuss these tender issues with your mate, it is important to follow my empathic process. And you can't overlook the real possibility that your mate is bored of having sex with you because he is really interested in having sex with someone else

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