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What does bite me mean sexually

Please do not modify this conversation, but feel free to discuss its conclusions. Of that entire group, only one term, suck off, is characterized as "taboo" across the board: I'm willing to assume good faith and give it a full 30 days but I concede there's a solid argument for deleting it outright too.

What does bite me mean sexually

It may be, then, that saying "You suck" to someone has always had the fallback implication "You are a weasel" if the insinuation "You [metaphorically or actually] perform oral sex on people for personal advancement" seems too harsh or dangerous for the speaker to own up to. I never thought of that as gender specific.

What does bite me mean sexually

What does bite me mean sexually

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5 thoughts on “What does bite me mean sexually

  1. Kajigal

    It might not be used with intent of bigotry these days, at least , but its literal meaning does imply negative portrayal of an entire group of people.

  2. Let's kill this before the disease spreads. What the heck does "bite the pudenda" mean?

  3. Tygozragore

    Should it be understood literally?

  4. Although not taboo, prob.

  5. The following discussion has been moved from Wiktionary:

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