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What are the consequences of having sex

When we get pleasure from our bodies while giving another person pleasure, we often feel more positively about what our bodies have to offer. The categories upon which these groupings of consequences are based have been empirically validated Cooper et.

What are the consequences of having sex

Logistic regression analyses indicated that males were significantly more likely than females to report that they had had only positive consequences odds ratio, 2. At each survey, the adolescents indicated whether they had ever engaged in oral sex or vaginal sex, and whether they had experienced various social, emotional and physical consequences. Thus, we reviewed the extant literature on consequences of sex, keeping in mind that experiences may differ for college students compared to adolescents and for later occurrences of sexual behavior compared to first intercourse.

What are the consequences of having sex

What are the consequences of having sex

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  1. Male college students who engaged in sex with a non-dating partner had fewer depressive symptoms than those who never had casual sex Grello et al. Although the majority of emerging adults age 18—25; Arnett, have engaged in sexual intercourse, little is known about the consequences of sex they experience, other than STIs and pregnancy.

  2. Try to figure out what you really want. Emerging adults may engage in sexual behavior in a variety of relationships, including close dating relationships and with casual or non-dating partners.

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    Because women may be more oriented toward sex for the sake of their relationship with a partner, we predicted that male students would have lesser odds of experiencing positive interpersonal consequences than female students.

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