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Tracy lords best sex scenes

Everyone started blaming someone else. Women cleaned it, and a strong opinion was rewarded with a fat lip. No one wanted to be accused of shooting, distributing or selling child porn — this was the adult film business, after all — and so you might actually say that Traci Lords, by appearing in movies when she was underage, also helped to legitimize the industry itself, who wanted to be taken seriously and elevated from the level of smut peddling.

Tracy lords best sex scenes

I was, you know, wearing a long T-shirt and nothing else and bare feet, and I was taken up this fright elevator in the federal building. On July 17, , video rental shops and adult movie theaters were ordered to pull all videos and film featuring Lords from their shelves.

Tracy lords best sex scenes

Tracy lords best sex scenes

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    They were indicted by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles in the first prosecution against commercial film producers under federal child pornography laws.

  2. They focused on having stylized art direction, and costumes — their talented set designer was billed as Pez D.

  3. Everyone who had worked with her scrambled to edit her out of their movies, and the Dark Brothers were forced to delete the wonderful opening scene from New Wave Hookers where Traci Lords had played the Devil.

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