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The sex pistols gigs for 2008

Yeah people see you, and I never mind saying hello to people, if people want a photo then that's fine, I don't know why I'm just a scally from Coventry. No idea, I remember always being jealous of Liam band's drummer telling me that he'd been to see Oasis, years ago. Yeah, we're doing smaller venues, I think at this stage everyone's expecting us to go on and try and make a big statement by playing much bigger venues.

The sex pistols gigs for 2008

We live in a marshmallow cushioned really weird world, which is why all our kids get so ill, because they don't go out and play in mud anymore. I think, you're right there were a large number of young people there, who had almost definitely never seen the Sex Pistols, and probably don't know why they were one of the most important bands. The odd complaint about the war apart, this is a musical event.

The sex pistols gigs for 2008

The sex pistols gigs for 2008

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  1. The odd complaint about the war apart, this is a musical event. It's all right every now and again to do a massive gig, to show people that you've got the minerals and can sell out huge stadiums and I think that is important, but the reason I'm in a band is because I enjoy doing it.

  2. JoJozil

    The gigs now are an interpretation of what might have been had not a scandalous and orchestrated state sponsored act of cultural repression forced the band out of the country and, eventually, existence. I also try and go and see bands that I never would usually go and see, because it's easy when you're at festivals to be more open minded and go and watch people that you'd probably never go and watch.

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