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Studies in the psychology of sex

His focus was on the social ends of eugenics, and as a means to it, Ellis was in no way against 'persuading' 'volunteers' to undergo sterilization by withdrawing Poor Relief from them. Yeats , a member of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , an organisation of which another mescaline researcher, Aleister Crowley , was also a member. His father was a sea captain, his mother the daughter of a sea captain, and many other relatives lived on or near the sea.

Studies in the psychology of sex

During the experience, lasting for about 24 hours, he noted a plethora of extremely vivid, complex, colourful, pleasantly smelling hallucinations , consisting both of abstract geometrical patterns and definite objects such as butterflies and other insects. After the discovery of his lack of training, he was fired and became a tutor for a family living a few miles from Carcoar.

Studies in the psychology of sex

Studies in the psychology of sex

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    When Ellis bowed out as the star witness in the trial of The Well of Loneliness on 14 May , Norman Haire was set to replace him but no witnesses were called. Eventually, it seems evident, a general system, whether private or public, whereby all personal facts, biological and mental, normal and morbid, are duly and systematically registered, must become inevitable if we are to have a real guide as to those persons who are most fit, or most unfit to carry on the race.

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