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Strange sex customs and taboos

The Greeks gave love two names: Among many early peoples, valuable presents were given to the parents by the bridegroom instead of a monetary payment. A second glass of wine is offered to the couple.

Strange sex customs and taboos

Based on the evidence of primitive cutting implements in archaeological digs dating back nearly a million years, even humankind's earliest ancestors used some kind of cutting implement. While it is not uncommon in contemporary society to celebrate an engagement with a dinner party, in many earlier societies the occasion of a betrothal required a feast of great festivity and celebration. Two witnesses attest to the marriage agreement, and the union is documented in the records of the mosque and by whatever license is required by the civil authorities in the state or nation in which the marriage has been solemnized.

Strange sex customs and taboos

Strange sex customs and taboos

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  1. In this section, the fascinating evolution of the customs and taboos surrounding courtship and marriage, hospitality and etiquette, and burials and funerals is explored.

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    It keeps them away from sexual activities and also eliminates the chances of getting seduced by married women.

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