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Steve jones of the sex pistols

Rehearsals took place in early , and Jones recorded the guitars parts on three songs of the album Kaleidoscope. But now he can see how it played a part in making him a sex addict. This demand led to two further gigs being announced, making five in total.

Steve jones of the sex pistols

When the Sex Pistols were interviewed by Bill Grundy on the Today show on 1 December , Jones openly swore at Grundy after being goaded to do so, causing much controversy and elevating the band's profile. Early life[ edit ] Jones was born in Shepherd's Bush , [9] London, where he grew up with his young mother, who worked as a hairdresser, and his grandparents. He co-wrote the book, much of it via Skype, with English writer Ben Thompson.

Steve jones of the sex pistols

Steve jones of the sex pistols

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