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Single sex education vs co ed

Part of that education is helping them to better interact with and appreciate the opposite sex. The researchers, led by Charlotte R.

Single sex education vs co ed

Without girls in the classroom to correct any misconceptions, it would be far easier for generalities and prejudices to fester. I have educated many girls who not only prefer the company of boys but seem to thrive when working with them.

Single sex education vs co ed

Single sex education vs co ed

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  1. The only noticeable difference was that girls in the mixed-gender classes performed slightly better in the humanities subjects than their peers in the single-sex classes. So while this debate is bound to rage on, I for one think it can never be resolved.

  2. More seriously, in compensation for their perceived classroom inferiority, boys could develop unrealistic and even sexist attitudes. In the process, this boosts the overall performance of single sex schools.

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