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Sex therapists in western ma

Additionally, her practice focuses in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, use of substances, and behavioral addictions such as gambling disorder. In these roles she counsels men and women with a history of cancer who are experiencing sexual and relationship challenges. She provides workshops, coaching, speaking, and consultation for professional audiences, as well as the general public, on topics related to gender and sexual diversity, eroticism, and relationships.

Sex therapists in western ma

Since then he has become an internationally recognized expert in the field and leading advocate for the provision of comprehensive sexual health care in rehabilitation programs, including rehab programs for wounded warriors and their partners. Her books for a professional readership all published by Routledge are: Althof also consults with several major pharmaceutical companies to develop and validate outcome measures, design research methodologies, and conduct clinical trials on a variety of new treatment options for male and female sexual problems.

Sex therapists in western ma

Sex therapists in western ma

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