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Sex money murder blood gang

Used with permission of the publisher, W. Twin was cooperating with prosecutors on his case, he claimed, and his evidence and testimony would put Pete away for life. At the time, the gang was responsible for much of the crack-cocaine dealing within the city and up and down the East Coast, as well as much of the violence and murders that were an inevitable part of the drug trade.

Sex money murder blood gang

Suge tracked several of his SMM allies in on the murder scheme down below. The pain was the legacy of a pistol-whipping he had suffered seven years earlier.

Sex money murder blood gang

Sex money murder blood gang

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    Other SMM members were armed and stationed at strategic exits from the projects, blocking anyone from escaping. You never analyzed, fed your conscience with doubts before a murder, asking why you would kill one friend to remain loyal to another.

  2. The hollow points would spin irregularly through the body cavity, shredding organs as they went.

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