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Sex education in secondary education

Many states have laws governing what is taught in sex education classes and contain provisions to allow parents to opt out. Other studied topics, such as methods of birth control and infection prevention, sexual orientation , sexual abuse , and factual and ethical information about abortion , varied more widely.

Sex education in secondary education

The author points out that although this clause prohibits Local Authorities from promoting homosexuality, sex education is no longer under Local Authority control, therefore teachers are not prevented from objective discussion of homosexuality in their classrooms. With rates of syphilis and gonorrhea rising in the province since this change, several researchers and sex educators are criticizing the current policy, most notably Lisa Trimble and Stephanie Mitelman. Sexual education may thus be seen as providing individuals with the knowledge necessary to liberate themselves from socially organized sexual oppression and to make up their own minds.

Sex education in secondary education

Sex education in secondary education

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    The author not only gives helpful information about these topics including diagrams , she makes suggestions about the language teachers could use, suggests suitable activities for beginner and more experienced teachers, and provides an extensive list of resources teachers could turn to for further information.

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    Education about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases are included in the programme as a way of encouraging good sexual health. Sexual liberals see knowledge on sex as equipping individuals to make informed decisions about their personal sexuality, and they are in favor of comprehensive sexual education all throughout schooling, not just in high school.

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