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Sex and the city wardrobe designer

In , she designed most of the outfits for the characters in a Taiwan drama called Material Queen. They became friends and worked together on the television series Sex and the City.

Sex and the city wardrobe designer

Everett Collection If Andi's gala gown is a showstopper, it's only because she and Emily Emily Blunt are wearing dresses that mirror Miranda's lavish look. All of a sudden they don't know him.

Sex and the city wardrobe designer

Sex and the city wardrobe designer

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    Notice the obvious contrast in her dress with Miranda's Cynthia Nixon mournful and conservative cocktail dress. It mixes the coy independence of the flapper age with the sexuality of a neglige.

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    She went on to return as costume designer for the movie Sex and the City and the sequel Sex and the City 2

  3. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed. That woman is Patricia Field.

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