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Sex and the city sottotitoli

This disposition can be observed in the many cajoling strategies used with more or less sincere commitment for the benefit of addressees. In So Many Words: As for the second research question, i.

Sex and the city sottotitoli

Notes on the cooperation of multiple constraints", in Schenkein, J. The subtitled version opts for a more reduced form where the compliment is turned into a neutral assertion because in the original it pivots around the adjective 'pretty', which is essential for the compliment to be perceived as such and is, in fact, deleted from the subtitles. The use of non-formulaic language and of a varied style also makes it easier for the addressee to trust the speaker's intention, to judge it as genuine and, consequently, to accept the compliment.

Sex and the city sottotitoli

Sex and the city sottotitoli

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  1. As for the second research question, i.

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    They always seem so knowledgeable. Lei non si ricorda di me, vero?

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    The Translation Studies Reader. A flexible hierarchy of priorities", in Heiss, C.

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