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Sex after starting birth control pills

After week 4, you start a new pack of pills. Try setting an alarm on your phone or taking your pill along with an activity you do at the same time every day. If your period starts on a Sunday, start your pill that day.

Sex after starting birth control pills

Your clinician will either prescribe you a pack of 28 pills or a pack of 21 pills. You may not be able to use the pill if you have certain health problems. Take your first pill on the first Sunday following the start of your period.

Sex after starting birth control pills

Sex after starting birth control pills

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  1. JoJozahn

    How effective is the pill?

  2. If you miss a pill or are late taking pills, your risk of getting pregnant increases and you may need to use a back-up method of birth control for one week.

  3. Gaktilar

    Tubal ligation This procedure blocks your fallopian tubes to prevent an egg from reaching the uterus and being fertilized. When you take the last pill in the package, start a new package the very next day.

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