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Sex advisors like violet blue

Boing Boing readers began asking what happened to the posts, and saw their comments deleted, and accounts banned. Blue was the locus of Google's nymwars, the first female podcaster , she won a Federal lawsuit to stop an impersonator in both name and likeness , and she lost a domain to Libya when the country's government objected to Blue's use of the term "sex-positive. There is an expectation that anything done under these banners will go unchallenged.

Sex advisors like violet blue

Blue was threatened, stalked and harassed by a Wikipedia editor , and also broke the news story on Wikipedia's paid editing scandal , and the Violet Blue page there suffers as a result from years of vengeance editing, resulting in a bio that is out of date, filled with errors, missing many of Blue's biggest accomplishments, favors her detractors, and has seen all references to her reporting removed from the website on more than one occasion. I found him next door at DNA Pizza , where he was talking with this person.

Sex advisors like violet blue

Sex advisors like violet blue

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  1. No reason was ever provided by Boing Boing, or its bloggers, to Blue or the public, as to why the posts were deleted. What happened with my talk is especially malfeasant on their part because it takes gender out of the mix.

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    She was raised by a single mother with a degree in Engineering from Stanford who worked in Silicon Valley until succumbing to drug addiction before Blue was in high school. Eventually the blog's silence on the matter and punitive actions toward its readers blew up in the press.

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    I fear that hacker culture risks becoming disconnected from high-risk or controversial information sharing.

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