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Same sex separation with property

Without a will, state law governs the disposition of your assets upon death, and at present, that law does not provide for your partner. Ideally, the court would make the same presumption in same-sex cases, but the outcomes may vary depending on the state. Settlement Agreements One of the best ways to deal with divorce is to work with your spouse to settle the entire divorce outside of court.

Same sex separation with property

Although nothing changes for same sex couples in these aspects, the fact they can now marry invites more options when it comes to entering and ending a relationship. I would like to emphasise how professional, knowledgeable and reliable she has been. If you wish to seek advice on Binding Financial Agreements and Divorce in Same Sex relationships, please contact our office for assistance.

Same sex separation with property

Same sex separation with property

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  1. This is especially common in custody battles involving same-sex couples. Under the Family Law Act, de-facto couples are entitled to the same property settlement and parenting order processes as married couples.

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