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Oral sex leads to mouth cancer

It only looked at whether people had oral HPV at a single point in time. An estimated 35 percent of cancers are infected with HPV. It has umpteen benefits; from satisfying your partner, to increasing intimacy or helping climax, oral sex feels fantastic.

Oral sex leads to mouth cancer

Between and , 45 percent of men aged 18 to 59 carried some form of HPV, according to the most recent CDC data. If you are unlucky enough to make out with someone who has a cancer-causing HPV, it means you chose someone from 1 per cent of the total 7 per cent affected with HPV carrying Americans says a study on Americans by CDC. Oral sex does, however, increase the risk of HPV transmission.

Oral sex leads to mouth cancer

Oral sex leads to mouth cancer

However, if you do not unite the vaccination criteria, you can still recommend it by limiting the hunt of licensed partners to up to six. Educated oral sex also carries the vein of STI professional, including genital herpes, chlamydia, prospect and syphilis. Oral sex leads to mouth cancer

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  1. The study only looked at US data. Researchers found the presence of HPV in 21 percent of patients with oropharyngeal cancer before

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    Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. The best way to dodge it is to play the preventive game.

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    Experts say that if you are sexually active, chances are that you will contract HPV at least once in your life.

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