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No sex drive in other half

ED may cause a man to experience anxiety around sex. Low self-esteem may also cause anxiety about sexual performance , which can lead to issues with ED and reduced sexual desire.

No sex drive in other half

Alcohol Heavy alcohol drinking, or more than 14 mixed drinks in a week, has also been linked to a decrease in testosterone production. In the study, researchers found that nearly one-third of the men who had severe sleep apnea also had reduced levels of testosterone. Smoking has also been found to have a negative impact on sperm production and sperm movement.

No sex drive in other half

No sex drive in other half

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  1. Certain prescription drugs, especially antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are known to lower the sex drive.

  2. Too little or too much exercise Too little or too much exercise can also be responsible for low sex drive in men.

  3. This can lead to tension and conflicts between him and his partner, which may in turn lead to fewer sexual encounters and more relationship issues.

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