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My first sex teacher zen

And though my expression of the Dharma and his are very, very different, he has never suggested that he would have it any other way. This is our beautiful mess. Beyond all those categories, there is the place where you actually practice; there is the teacher you actually know.

My first sex teacher zen

Spend time with me. I explained to them that in this tradition, the burden is on the student, and the curriculum is proximity.

My first sex teacher zen

My first sex teacher zen

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  1. These days the topic is sex, and the discussion is heated, and like any kind of pornography, it left me simultaneously wanting to see more and never, never wanting to see it again. Any one of us could probably write volumes about what we think it should be — I could.

  2. Zulkiramar

    I used to wonder if all this silence and pointing away was all supposed to be a teaching in itself.

  3. I know a monk who met his teacher on the day of ordination, after having it all arranged by a third party. Even in this tradition, where there has traditionally been a significant vertical gap between teachers and ordained students, some teachers choose the model of spiritual friend, engaging more as a fellow practitioner than as a guide.

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