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Most violent sex scene in a movie

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Most violent sex scene in a movie

Jesus would be proud. That goes double for creepy twins played by Jeremy Irons.

Most violent sex scene in a movie

Most violent sex scene in a movie

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  1. Zulkisho

    By then, the advent of cinema was in full swing. Each picture has been selected based on culture impact, lasting appeal and shock factor, relative to the context of its time of release.

  2. Let us know if there are any others you think should have made the cut. Our methods for pandering to it may have changed, but our repressed, savage desires have not.

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    So, how is one to satisfy their twisted cravings? The only thing more disturbing than the premise of this movie a man keeps his love interest dependent upon him by removing her limbs is the absolutely atrocious acting.

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    In response, the movie-going public turned the other cheek, and Hollywood studios continued to play it safe. Black Snake Moan The moral of the story:

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