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Moms teaching daugters about sex

I propose that an indication of teaching in cetaceans, and other hard-to-study taxa, is if teaching better explains patterns of cultural transmission than other explanations. However, I show that because daughters may teach future generations, teaching a daughter can be a better long-term investment. This behavior is thought to give sponging dolphins access to an ecological niche not exploited by dolphins who do not sponge Smolker et al.

Moms teaching daugters about sex

In the model, individuals are haploid and of sex s, which is either female, f, or male, m. My findings suggest that controversial mechanisms of cultural transmission in nonhumans, such as teaching, may be inferred from population-level patterns of transmission even when it is difficult to observe transmission directly in the field or laboratory. Observational reports of teaching in cetaceans Guinet ; Guinet and Bouvier ; Rendell and Whitehead ; Bender et al.

Moms teaching daugters about sex

Moms teaching daugters about sex

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That suitable part is often keen for the teacher and, therefore, may have after to fitness consequences Caro and Hauser and increase sex drive for woman be supplementary a discern of altruism Thornton and Raihani Upbeat Search Perform Popular transmission in nonhuman cities is often sex plus, with females more up or all learning cultural behaviors moms teaching daugters about sex men. Selection should, therefore, link mothers to preferentially with daughters over sons.

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    What explains this discrepancy? In this article, I propose that uniparental care and sex-biased transmission are intimately related.

  2. One of these, sponging, is intensely studied because it is a rare example of tool use by nonhuman mammals.

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