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Mens sex tips for women

Just make sure that you take some down time between urination and sex. Now slip your hand underneath her for extra stimulation. The study found that approving of her advances in this way increases the chances of a repeat performance the next time you see her.

Mens sex tips for women

How long do you engage in the sexual play for? By seeing their body through your eyes, in the short-term, they will come to love their body just as much as you love it.

Mens sex tips for women

Mens sex tips for women

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  1. Go sex toy shopping together Depending on how you use them, sex toys can amplify orgasms, increase closeness, and add a thrill to your bedroom routine. Sometimes, the key to better sex is letting her be in charge.

  2. Preemptively remove any distractions phones off, kids to bed, etc.

  3. Stop watching so much porn Watching even moderate amounts of pornography has been proven to mess with your mind and ability to perform sexually. You might be surprised.

  4. Do this a few times per week and see how your sex drive responds.

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