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Joe sex on pool table

One year after Scorned, Ms. Tweed is literally back on the billiards table in this straight-to-video softcore film. Something about balls, sticks, long flat felted surfaces, and the inch height of a pool table that lends itself to cinematic lechery.

Joe sex on pool table

The sudden juxtaposition of sex and the ensuing violence is equally memorable. Days of Our Lives.

Joe sex on pool table

Joe sex on pool table

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  1. In this early scene from the movie, the Devil seduces Elliot into having a conversation, but not before rendering him tongue-tied with her body-rocking dress and her break that pockets 15 balls in one shot. Days of Our Lives.

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    I therefore present my Top 10 Bedroom Billiards Scenes though, practically speaking, none of these occur in the bedroom for your consumption, amusement, and critique.

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