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I spit on your grave sex

The film barely went for 65 minutes, and received extremely negative reviews from critics and fans alike. Vengeance is Mine , arrived in

I spit on your grave sex

It is the most complete version released in the UK, but it is not uncut - cuts of almost three minutes were required for an '18' rating [27] to the rape scenes previous UK releases were cut by over seven minutes [28]. After each rape, a naked, bruised and bloodied Jennifer attempts to crawl away until she is recaptured and subjected to more torture.

I spit on your grave sex

I spit on your grave sex

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  1. I Spit on Your Grave allows a woman, on screen, to redress the balance, albeit using violence.

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    Ebert was also one of many to cite the movie's poor production quality as a weakness in addition to the scenes he found offensive, stating "The story of 'I Spit on Your Grave' is told with moronic simplicity. This is the whole ethos of the rape-revenge genre i.

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