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How to sex a possum

You're keeping them in your lab. They're easy to study. Sometime after we tried to release PITA, she went in season, and came home badly chewed and battered.

How to sex a possum

The pouch is a small fold of skin with a small opening where the relatively undeveloped fetuses are protected, and which covers the nipples. Females have internal bifurcated reproductive tracts.

How to sex a possum

How to sex a possum

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    Kat - There are some other kind of animals.

  2. Appearance Male possums are noticeably larger than females, weighing up to 15 pounds and measuring around 28 inches long from head to tail. Most do not survive the journey, as the youngsters must find a nipple, and there are only 13 nipples.

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    Females give birth to one to three litters each year.

  4. After giving birth to embryo-size offspring, a female opossum carries her young in her pouch as they continue to develop. So, that was when I did some research, since an ordinary vet is normally unable to neuter a possum.

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