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How to explain sex to 1st grader

To do that, you have to start early. This is also a good time to address gender roles.

How to explain sex to 1st grader

Frequent conversations around healthy relationships are crucial. One excellent series is the What's Happening to My Body?

How to explain sex to 1st grader

How to explain sex to 1st grader

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  1. Borba says that no one should tell you what to say to your kids about values, but you must communicate the values of your family when your children are young. You will need to go back to topics in fact, this is the best way to create open communication.

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    Your 5- or 6-year-old will probably be satisfied with this description. A 6-year-old wondering what "birth control" means is not necessarily asking you to delineate the mechanics of intercourse.

  3. Labeling body parts is not too hard.

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