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How much you bleed after first time sex

Causes for this include: Vaginal dryness can result from taking anti-estrogen medications, cold or flu medications, steroids, sedatives, several antidepressants , and calcium or beta channel blockers.

How much you bleed after first time sex

I'm kind of freaking out. Long nails can easily cut or poke the sensitive skin of your vagina. Sometimes there is a little bit of spotting during intercourse the first time, usually because the hymen a thin piece of tissue that covers part of the vaginal opening tears.

How much you bleed after first time sex

How much you bleed after first time sex

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    On the first occurrence of sexual intercourse, a small flap of vaginal skin called the hymen is often stretched and broken. Injury Bleeding after sex is fairly common and may have many different causes.

  2. These growths can irritate and eventually damage surrounding tissues, especially during intercourse.

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    Please try not to let your fear get to you. However, they drop almost immediately after childbirth, because estrogen can interfere with the production of breast milk.

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    When the skin is dry it becomes extremely vulnerable to damage.

  5. I've heard a lot of stories about other women's first experiences yes, even we moms still remember back that far. Allergens and chemicals in hot tubs, pools, products such as laundry detergents, scented lubricants, and condoms can all cause dryness.

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