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How do you film a sex scene

Although it can also be viewed as a regular hook up with the same escort. Well, lights, camera, action.

How do you film a sex scene

That's right — prosthetic genitalia. Certain directors have requested merkins to be used in sex scenes.

How do you film a sex scene

How do you film a sex scene

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    And they couched all of their findings into a practice that not only left room for artistry but made sure it was a priority. Well, lights, camera, action.

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    Universal Pictures Other than actors, well, acting, sometimes sex scenes are convincing because of the little details, like the sweat on their bodies. And if you're Kate Mara from House of Cards, the pasties might even jokingly feature Kevin Spacey's face, she told Playboy during an interview.

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    Mostly, this takes place on a closed set, meaning only those necessary — think the director, assistant director, and cinematographer — are allowed to be present. According to True Blood's Anna Paquin , sometimes they're even tied with a bow.

  4. As for the nude part, check out a few accessories that help make the magic "happen" below.

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