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Health conserns with anal sex

The vaccine, which also is approved to help prevent cervical cancer and other cancers of the female reproductive tract and genital warts, can reduce anal cancer risk in males and females between the ages of 9 and Even the use of sex toys may transmit certain diseases. Be the first one to review.

Health conserns with anal sex

Oral-to-anal sex, or "rimming" Penis-to-anus penetration Pleasurable use of enema introduction of fluid into the rectum Maintaining anal health is important for men and women who enjoy any type of anal sex. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the Centers for Disease Control at 1.

Health conserns with anal sex

Health conserns with anal sex

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  1. And anal cancer is associated with STDs in men and women.

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    If you don't want to disclose your sexual orientation, you might be less likely to seek help after an assault. These include diseases such as rectal gonorrhoea, HIV and chlamydia.

  3. Behavioral surveillance among people at risk for HIV infection in the U. Further research is needed to investigate the differential frequency of unprotected anal and unprotected vaginal intercourse, and the effect of unprotected anal intercourse on disease outcomes, ideally including all potential confounders.

  4. To throw light on the subject, we talked to gynaecologists who have listed the following six major risks associated with anal sex. Most adults who experience fecal incontinence have only occasional bouts of diarrhea.

  5. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Oral-to-anal contact, whether from kissing or from oral contact with fingers that have been touching the anus can spread bacteria and cause infection.

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