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Gonorrhea infection 5 days after sex

Symptoms Some people may have gonorrhea and not know it because symptoms are mild or there are no symptoms. If you're male and you've been infected, a fluid that looks like pus may drip uncontrollably out of your penis after you urinate this explains one of the disease's nicknames. Gonorrhea infections that occur in the throat do not usually cause symptoms.

Gonorrhea infection 5 days after sex

How can I avoid contracting gonorrhea? If your partner develops the symptoms of the disease, both of you need to be tested and treated by a doctor.

Gonorrhea infection 5 days after sex

Gonorrhea infection 5 days after sex

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  1. One of the most dangerous features of gonorrhea is that most women some 70 to 80 percent experience no symptoms until the disease has already done serious damage, weeks or months after they were infected.

  2. Treatment Gonorrhea is treated with antibiotics.

  3. As if that weren't enough, the bacteria can multiply in your bloodstream and cause septicemia, a dangerous blood infection that's capable of infiltrating vital organs like the brain and heart.

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