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Gender and sex are the same

For example, greater male propensity toward physical aggression and risk taking would be termed a "sex difference;" the generally longer head hair length of females would be termed a "gender difference. Generally, people are born with two sex chromosomes that determine anatomical sex — XY for males and XX for females. But part of it is a limitation of the English language.

Gender and sex are the same

Can't a genetic test settle if someone's male or female? Instead, all behaviors are phenotypes—a complex interweaving of both nature and nurture. Thus Mann meaning man is masculine and is associated with a masculine definite article to give der Mann, while Frau meaning woman is feminine and is associated with a feminine definite article to give die Frau.

Gender and sex are the same

Gender and sex are the same

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  1. Nalabar

    In some cases, a child is born with a mix between female and male genitalia.

  2. However, infants were dressed in white until colored garments for babies were introduced in the middle of the 19th century. The physical tissue and organs, to which the concept of sex is assigned, are not socially constructed; they exist through nature rather than human design.

  3. Malakree

    Within the wider culture, families too have their norms.

  4. Mezijar

    Gender identity is more an inner sense of being male, female or somewhere in between — regardless of physical anatomy, he explained.

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