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Factors that control your babys sex

Others are demonstrable across cultures and have both biological and learned determinants. Prior to this, the child is considered bipotential because it cannot be identified as male or female.

Factors that control your babys sex

The study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension. Therefore, deeper positions should mean a boy is more likely. There is a theory that male sperm swim faster and die off first so to have a girl you would aim for a few days before ovulation so those slower stronger girl swimmers are the ones to fertilise the egg.

Factors that control your babys sex

Factors that control your babys sex

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  1. In both males and females, the sex organs consist of three structures: Testosterone, which is secreted and converts the mesonephric ducts into male accessory structures, such as epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesicle.

  2. Fertility doctors already have the know-how to be able to decide the sex of a baby through embryo selection, but that is banned in the UK except for medical reasons. Another position is doing it standing up.

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    A team at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, found that women with the highest blood pressure readings were around 45 per cent more likely to have a boy than those with the lowest Image: For example, some studies claim girls are, on average, more verbally fluent than boys, but boys are, on average, better at spatial calculation.

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    To conceive a girl you should:

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