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Canada sex offender recidivism actuarial

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics. Figure 1 Image Description Figure 1 is a survival curve showing the proportion of a mixed sample of sexual offenders who have not sexually recidivated over time. Readers should note, however, that confidence intervals expanded with extended follow-up times and when subgroups of offenders were examined.

Canada sex offender recidivism actuarial

Sexual and violent reconviction information was obtained from CPIC criminal records over an average of Criminal Justice and Behavior, 28,

Canada sex offender recidivism actuarial

Canada sex offender recidivism actuarial

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  1. Survival analysis computes standard error of estimate based on the number of recidivists and non-recidivists available at each previous time interval.

  2. An evaluation update with recidivism data obtained in September, ].

  3. The vertical axis is labelled "Percentage of offenders that have not sexual recidivated over time" and has values ranging from zero at the bottom to at the top.

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