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Aids continuing drug sex spread

The risk of transmitting HIV through breastfeeding while on treatment and maintaining an undetectable viral load is very low, but not zero. Measures Participants completed brief confidential interviews administered by field staff.

Aids continuing drug sex spread

People can reduce the risk of getting or passing on a viral infection by: The first study to show that ART and an undetectable viral load has a major prevention benefit in serodiscordant heterosexual couples was the randomized controlled trial known as HPTN

Aids continuing drug sex spread

Aids continuing drug sex spread

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    Also, some pharmacies may sell needles without a prescription.

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    Laboratory studies have demonstrated that a minimum contact time of 30 seconds with undiluted bleach is necessary to reliably sterilize needles and syringes contaminated with HIV-infected blood.

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    Also, some pharmacies may sell needles without a prescription.

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    Canadian guidelines recommend that HIV-positive parents feed their babies formula to prevent transmission. Behaviors related to drug use that are associated with increased risk of acquiring HIV in the United States and Europe include frequency of drug injection, sharing injection equipment, and high-risk sex behavior.

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