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Age sex pyramid for thailand

Officially they have rural residency, but spend most of the year in urban areas. Additionally there have been more recent waves of immigration from Vietnam and Cambodia across porous borders due to wars and subsequent poverty over the last few decades, whose immigrants have tried to keep a low profile and blend in. The makeup of Myanmar nationals is complex and includes, for example, people of Nepali ethnicity who escaped Nepal, entered Myanmar, and then emigrated to Thailand.

Age sex pyramid for thailand

Literacy of population According to our estimates 53,, persons or The dependent part includes the population under 15 years old and people aged 65 and over. Malay- and Yawi-speaking Muslims of the south are another significant minority group 2.

Age sex pyramid for thailand

Age sex pyramid for thailand

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    Life expectancy Life expectancy at birth is one of the most important demographic indicator. An aggressive public education campaign begun in the earlys reduced the number of new HIV infections from , to under 10, annually.

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    It shows that the dependent part of population is less than a half of the working part. The remainder of the population falls into small minority groups including hill tribes, Khmers and Mons.

  3. The language of the central Thai population is the educational and administrative language.

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