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Adult sex classes in philadelphia

Want to up your pussy eating? Decoding Consent and Safer Sex. No nudity or genital contact.

Adult sex classes in philadelphia

It is not required to attend. In this class Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron will teach you how to navigate your way through various sexual subcommunities like BDSM, swinging, polyamory, orgies, sex work and more. Discussion will include anatomy, pleasure centers and technique.

Adult sex classes in philadelphia

Adult sex classes in philadelphia

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    You will learn that not all desire needs to be acted upon in order to be a fulfilling part of who you are and how you love.

  2. Accepting Our Sexual Selves! If your idea of a perfect Halloween night is to lay around in a comfy oneszie and suck on a binky, there is no reason not to indulge!

  3. This is the perfect event to bring a partner or friend to but it is not necessary. No matter how skilled a lover you are, each new partner has different desires and erogenous zones.

  4. Visit Sexploratorium and chat with our educators and stylists to plan your fantasy down to the explicit details… No matter your body shape or size or physical condition, Sexploratorium can help you discover and explore fantasy and pleasurable experiences this Halloween or anytime!

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